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Saturday, June 15

Contents of a 
former Playschool

Household items

Refreshments available


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It is time to book your community garden plot at Lord of Life Lutheran Church. 

Prices are:

$18 for plot G, the smallest one

$20 for plots E F and H

$25 for plots A B and C

$30 for plot D along the fence.

Email  or call   780-463-9350 to get the process started.

This is a community garden in the Lakewood district (Mehonohk, Tipaskan, Kameyosek) on the grounds of Lord of life Lutheran Church.  (2710 - 79 St NW)

We welcome our community neighbors to rent our small garden plots for the 2024 season!

We ask our gardeners to use organic methods only, no herbicides or pesticides.  Gardeners will have access to our rainwater collection barrels and our compost bins.

Please help us to spread the word that these plots are available for rent.

Plot as snip capture.PNG

Lord of Life Lutheran Church is now in a parish partnership with Ascension Lutheran Church!  This means we share one pastor between the two congregations.  Pastor David Melax holds two services per Sunday; one a Lord of Life in Millwoods, and  another at Ascension across from Bonnie Doon Mall.

The current rotation of service times is available on our home tab.

Worship is live streamed and available on the "Lord of Life Lutheran" channel on You Tube,

We are also blessed to have retired pastor Tim Posylusny acting as voluntary assistant pastor, and in this capacity he assists with worship in both congregations.

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